Rochester USBC BA Hall of Fame

Hall Of Fame

Dedicated League Service

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Year Inducted Name
2018 Art Durfee
2017 Robert Stiewe
2016 Charlie Werner
2015 Robert Wrights
2015 Robert Rose
2014 No Inductee
2013 No Inductee
2012 No Inductee
2011 No Inductee
2010 No Inductee
2009 Dennis Barnhardt
2006 Guy Zampatori
2005 Ed Lenhard Jr.
2002 Donald Perry
2001 Luther E Chapllain Jr.
2001 Joeseph Zimmer
2000 John Foglia
1999 Robert Crescent
1999 Nolia Brooks
1998 Frank Colosimo
1998 Pauline Kulzer
1997 Fred Worden
1997 Donna Snyder
1996 Judy Jaffarian
1995 James R. Kaserman
1994 George J. Witzer Jr.
1993 Raymond Dassero
1992 Leo Van Nostrand
1991 Joseph De Fazio
1991 Norman R. Merkey
1990 Charles Markajani
1989 William M. Paris
1988 Thomas J. Coyle
1987 Irving "Pat" Oliver
1986 Louis J. Lombardo
1985 Chester A. "Pete" Pero
1984 Raymond S. Leroy
1983 Fr. John J. Steger
1982 George C. Lehrer
1981 Carman S. Martell
1980 Glenn E. Robbins
1979 Walter J. Marriott
1977 Arthur F. Guenther
1976 Raymond C. Woerner
1975 John Earl Tytler
1974 Charles W. Donner Sr.
1974 Peter R. Nudo

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Bowling News
New Youth event Release Forms

The Rochester USBC BOD along with the Youth Leaders have implemented a new photo & video consent forms for you to sign when entering youth event.

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Rochester Queens Results and Prize List(s)

Rochester Queens/ Princess/Duchess Prize List

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Rochester NY USBC Senior Masters Results and prize List

Sr Masters Results / Prize List

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Rochester USBC February Scores / Records

February 2017 Rochester USBC Scores

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NYS USBC Youth Scholarship Opportunity

NYS USBC Youth Scholarship Opportunity
The New York State USBC annual awards thousands of dollars in scholarships to graduating seniors and to underclassmen through our Youth Education Services Committee.

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Association Scores

Recent Scores and Acknowledgements

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Rochester NY USBC Masters Results

Vick wins his second Masters Title!

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Rochester NY USBC Mixed Dbls

19th Annual Rochester NY USBC Mixed Doubles Tournament Results

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700 Tournament

2017 - 700 Tournament results

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2016-17 Rochester NY USBC All-Star Team

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Rochester USBC All-Star Team Members!

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2016-17 John Nevada Senior Masters Champ!

Congratulations to Bill Hasiotis defeating Ray LeChase II 226 - 207.....2017 Senior Masters Champion!!!

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2015-16 Rochester NY USBC 2015-16 All-Star Team

2015-2016 Rochester USBC All-Star Team

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Interim Site Webmaster

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2016-17 Rochester NY USBC Masters Article

Rochester USBC Masters Championship Details

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2016-17 Rochester NY USBC Masters Quailfying

Masters Qualifying Round

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2016-17 BVL Results from AMF Gates

Annual BVL Benefit Results

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2016-17 Mixed Doubles Tournament from Miller Lanes

Event held at Miller Lanes in Honeoye Falls from October 29 thru November 6

KAYLA BURNETT & TROY McCLURE 'A' Division winners;
AMANDA AREND & ADAMĀ AREND claim 'B' Division winnings

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2016-17 Maury Hayes 700 Tournament from Parkview

45th Annual 700 Tournament Results

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2015-2016 RBA Awards

Changes to the league awards for the 2015-2016 season!

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Sport Bowling Membership Changes

Read about the changes to the Sport Membership for the 2015-2016 Season!

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Junior City Mixed Tournament Results Available Soon

Junior City Mixed Finishes Up!

The Junior City Mixed Bowling Tournament at AMF Gates Lanes wrapped up on Sunday.

Check back for results soon.

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