Rochester USBC BA Hall of Fame

Hall Of Fame

Meritorious Service

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Year Inducted Name
2015 Brad Buckert
2015 Joe Argento
2015 Ray Bardol
2014 Robert Gillette
2013 Thomas Sardou
2012 No Inductee
2011 Kevin Martin
2010 Michael Callan
2009 Francis McCabe
2009 Roger Buckman
2008 Thomas Brongo
2007 Luther E. Chaplain
2006 Dick Zimmer
2006 John Steger
2005 Ray Dassero
2004 Walter Marriott
2003 George J. Paul
2002 Gerald J Francati Sr.
2001 Anthony Demarco
2000 William Fortino
1999 James Delibert
1998 Larry Brongo
1997 Joseph Cirrin
1996 Sam Lippa
1996 James Brisbane
1995 Raymond Woerner
1994 Joseph Robbins
1993 Elmer Kern
1993 Ron DeFrance
1992 Marcel Fournier
1991 Edwin Chatterton
1990 John R. Nevada
1990 Walt W. Pero
1988 Frank Formicola Jr.
1987 Kenneth F. Gerken
1986 Ray J. LeCesse
1985 Milton E. Alt
1984 George H. "Pop" Pero
1983 Mike Amico
1983 William Kaiser
1982 Richard Steeb
1981 Dave Harding
1981 Pat LeChase
1980 Harold "Shifty" Gears
1980 Chester G. Power
1979 Elmer Seidel
1977 Irving Neintimp
1976 Ken Finzer
1975 Charles Simonds
1975 Ray Smyth
1974 Roy Flowerday
1973 Joseph Minella
1972 Hank Graziose
1972 Tony Perry
1971 Maurice Hayes
1971 Frank Rutz
1971 Harry Sprague
1970 Edwin Wildey

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John Nevada Senior Masters Champ!

Congratulations to Bill Hasiotis defeating Ray LeChase II 226 - 207.....2017 Senior Masters Champion!!!

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2015-2016 Rochester USBC All Star Team

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Brian Gefell Shoots 300

The Rochester USBC would like to recognize Brian Gefell who rolled a 300 on Thursday, December 22 at AMF Empire Lanes! Congratulations Brian!

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Interim Site Webmaster

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Rochester USBC Masters

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Rochester USBC Masters Quailfying Rounds

Masters Qualifying Round

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BVL Results

Annual BVL Benefit Results

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Annual Mixed Doubles Tournament

Event held at Miller Lanes in Honeoye Falls from October 29 thru November 6

KAYLA BURNETT & TROY McCLURE 'A' Division winners;
AMANDA AREND & ADAMĀ AREND claim 'B' Division winnings

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Maury Hayes 700 Tournament

45th Annual 700 Tournament Results

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2015-2016 RBA Awards

Changes to the league awards for the 2015-2016 season!

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Sport Bowling Membership Changes

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