About the Rochester USBC BA

About the Rochester NY USBC

The Rochester NY USBC is the successor organization to the former Rochester USBC BA, the Rochester USBC WBA and the Rochester USBC Youth Organization. The merged organizatiom became effective August 1, 2016. The Rochester NY USBC is a 501(c)(3) chartered in May 2006. The new *merged* Association Number is 86496.

We are an organization whose mission is to uphold the standards of tenpins in the Rochester, NY region and to inform, educate and service all bowlers. We work in partnership to protect the future of bowling and ensure the integrity of our sport. Providing programs and services to our members while enhancing their bowling experience is our number one goal.


We welcome and encourage your participation in USBC certified leagues, tournaments, and charitable events!

Rochester NY USBC Board of Directors (Updated 08/01/19)

Term Length  Term
Name Title (Years) Ends
OFFICERS Barry Vee President 3 7/31/2022
Mimi Lucey Vice President 2 7/31/2021
DIRECTORS Cindy Burnett Youth Director 3 7/31/2021
Dena Alberti Director 3 7/31/2021
Gina Redding Director 3 7/31/2022
Scott Lucas Director 3 7/31/2021
Tim Morley Director 3 7/31/2021
Jason Kime Director 3 7/31/2022
Jamie Masclee Youth Director 3 7/31/2021
Russell Pratt Jr. Director 3 7/31/2021
Kenneth Haslip Youth Director 3 7/31/2022
Charli Suter Director 2 7/31/2021
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Bowling News
A New Rochester USBC Scholarship Opportunity

Youth Bowlers, New Scholarship Opportunity!!

The Rochester USBC announced recently that a new Scholarship opportunity for youth bowlers will be awarded in 2020.

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Service To Youth Award

Do you know someone who has given a decade or more in service to youth bowling?

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Rochester USBC High Averages for 2018-2019

The high averages for the 2018-2019 season, excluding suspended bowlers have been released by the Rochester NY USBC.

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New Youth event Release Forms

The Rochester USBC BOD along with the Youth Leaders have implemented a new photo & video consent forms for you to sign when entering youth event.

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Rochester Queens Results and Prize List(s)

Rochester Queens/ Princess/Duchess Prize List

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Rochester NY USBC Senior Masters Results and prize List

Sr Masters Results / Prize List

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Calling all Candidates!!

, If you have ever wanted to serve on the Rochester NY USBC Board of Directors, now is the time to submit your resume. Deadline is March 5th, 2020 for those wishing to submit and be considered for a board position.

Get your application here -- > Resume form 2020

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